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Atal Tinkering Lab

My School,Chipri is the first cbse english medium school in Shirol Tahsil which is selected for atal tinkering lab.

Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) is a sub-mission under the Atal Innovation Mission of the Government of India. ATL is the flagship initiative of AIM, the Government of India, to nurture an innovative mindset amongst high school students across the length and breadth of India. This is an important government scheme administered under the NITI Aayog.


Kreedo Lab

With the vision to engage young minds through a structured and immersive learning process, Kreedo embodies an innovative outlook for early education. My School, Chipri Kreedo presents a comprehensive array of solutions for early child development.
*Children learning under Kreedo curriculum develop an attitude for life-long learning.
*Makes Maths simple for children’s written & spoken English.


Computer Lab

To equip and well prepare our students to face the futuristic challenges the school has created computer labs with LAN, Internet and other state of art facilities.
Latest technology such as Animated Videos, Cartoons and other characters are used to explain complex concepts in simple manner.
We believe in clearing the concepts rather than gulping them.

Latest Updates

Science Laboraties

Learn by Doing
Well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs
Encouraged to carry out the experiments on their own.

Taught to take Proper Precautions before experimenting.
Deriving of Conclusions is left to students.