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  • To equip the child to take on the world with confidence and blaze a trail through life Independence.
  • Develop overall personality of students.
  • Make them to express themselves without any hesitation.
  • Teach them that Life is to live and not to regret.
  • Help them to take proper decisions at every stage of life.
  • Help them to achieve their life’s target by working smartly.
  • To Train new generations of youth who will excel morally academically.


To train student teachers and teacher educators to become dedicated, committed, intellectually well developed, socially concerned, morally upright and spiritually oriented teachers



  • To develop Communication skill.
  • To encourage self – Confidence and self- esteem.
  • To provide proper environment to have all – young development.
  • To provide deep sense of sympathy and broad outlook of life.
  • To produce patriotic and socially useful citizens for future of India.
  • To achieve excellence in educational services through a processed, professional and an intelligent approach.
  • TO go beyond basic academic development.

Our Goals

  • To enable student become responsible participants in                              asystematic Process.        
  • To do all round development.
  • To inculcate good qualities among the students.
Vision & Mission